“The Standard of Truth has been erected. No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing. Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame. But the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and dependent till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, until the purposes of God shall be accomplished and the Great Jehovah will say, THE WORK IS DONE

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Querida familia

How is urything? How are all the babes? I need more pics! They are my fav part every week! I am sooo pleased to hear about Mitt Romney! He is a hype oer here. People walk into the VC all the time wanting to learn more about the church cause the future President of the US is one of the mormons from the big white castle off the 495. Tawn are you really getting murried? Britt your babe is practically already here!!! AHH!!! And luke, I am in love. I will die when I actually meet him cause he already has my heart just by pics.

This week has been eventful. So first off, there was a man who came in during festival a couple of weeks ago who walked in and as "first greeter" you never really make conversation wit anyone cause you are just getting everyone through the doors and directing them away since it's so insane. But this man one night looked at me, walked away, and then came back super quick and immediately just grabbed my hands with tears in his eyes and he said "Your church is so beautiful. I have been wanting to come here for years and could never find it, but God lead me here tonight"- I obviously got his info had a good 20 sec conversation that was super intense. So lately I have been very stressed out cause I haven't been sure if the information is actually going through on the computer cause we haven't received any referrals in our area. SO I have been praying to know if the info is getting through cause it is literally impossible to call all 117 upperboxes and make sure the missionaries got there. It really stressed me out. But I went on exchanges all the way in Glenmont from Fri- Sat. And I was confirming appointments with all these people I didn't know for the next day when this man Luis says "Can we have our appointment at the VC? I would like to see Sis. Allen again..." I literally responded "Wait, who?" When we realized that we were talking to each other it was SUCH AN AMAZING MOMENT! Cause I was all the way in Glenmont! What are the odds of that!? So we set up the appointment in the VC. He came 30 min early cause he just loved the temple and how he felt. He literally already had tears in his eyes by the time we got there. He opened up and told us his whole life story and how everything was leading him to that point in the temple. He was an alcoholic and had struggled quite a bit. He was just lleno con gozo y paz when we were able to teachhim about Jesus Christ and how his life can be whole n all that. He accpted baptism right there and supposedly has been super solid since. It's just so cool to see how the Lord is SO aware of every single one of His children, exactly where they are in every moment. He knew I would be on exchanges to be able to teach Luis again and get that prayer answered, and his prayer answered to be able to come back to the temple where I could see him again. It's unreal the experiences that people have that literally lead THEM to the missionaries and to accept the gospel. And it is so cool when thy recognize every experience as a preparation for hearing the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We were teaching a man last night who said it was literally the night after he prayed for God to show him more that two sister missionaries walk up to share more. We are teaching a man named Freddy who was kidnapped in mexico trying to cross the border in that super danger notorious house where they kill everyone? Do you know what I am talking about? Anyway they recognize there ability to come to the states as the way God prepares for them to hear about the gospel. It's incredible! Ah! I am such a spoiled missionary. There are the coolest people in the world here. A man came into the VC 2 days ago and I was CERTAIN he was a member. He showed me his Ensign ap on his itouch told me his favorite apostles and why told me about all his favorite church books. Then, when I mentioned baptisms in the temple he said "oh so you can't do your own baptism in the temple? Dang I always imagined my baptism there!" I was soo taken back. I guess he became interested in the church 6 years ago and has been completely studying it on his own without missionaries stuck on what to do. SO I was able to get his info and send him the msisionaries. Like... really... I am so spoiled. People are so prepared here. Maybe God knew that I wouldn't be super great missionary and sent me already super prepared people. It's great. The miracles are endless. I got to speak for all the temple workers on Sunday and share some of the cool miracles. PS JUAN GOT BAPTIZED SUNDAY!!!! IT was fabulous. He was SO HAPPY and nervous is was precious, I want you to meet him you would LOVE him so much!

I love you all so so much. You are in every single one of my prayers and probably too many of my thoughts. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012



All your emails were just the highlight of my life. I had a dream about you all last night, and grandma. Tell Grandma I love her and I say hi and thank you so much for the gift! I am writing her a letter today. Tawn, your story about Megan made me cry a little I was laughing so hard. And cause I miss you. And Ben's quote I lol'ed in the middle of this nice family history center. And soon enough we will be able to sleep in the same bed and eat pazookies and watch... The Joseph Smith movie. That is actually a really REALLY good movie. Go watch it. Mom, thank you for the newsletter! BUT you forgot something. the newsletter. You just put the pics. And that really awesome model pic of me. jaja I love you, but you always remember to put a funny pic of me in. you da best :) I want to read it! And your life is supa exciting! And BRITT your babe comes so soon!!! Are you freaking out!!! I AM !!!! Him and Luke are going to have way too much fun togeva. And the pic of Luke... oh my... No surprise that the whole congregation gasped cause he honestly is the #1 cutest baby I have ever seen. I am not just biased either, he really does win.

I love you all. This week was excelente. I have been sick, but I one day said "this type of sickness never inhibits me from working"- and jinxed myself cause the next day I had ear infections in both ears, couldn't breathe, my body was weak, I had a fever and migraine and Stomach (which was my least fav)- I felt harrible. And the point of me telling you is to emphasize the miracle in it, that I was praying SO HARD to be well enough to be able to work in the 2nd to last night of festival. It almost seemed ridiculous to pray for it because I felt like I would be like that for a week. But miraculously, 4 oclock hits and I was fine. Millagrrrooo. And it was meant to be cause I met such golden people that night. A man who asked me how much a book of mormon costed and I said "es gratuito claro!" - he called me the next day and said he read it and loved it- happened to be in our area. Se llama Jesus from Ecuador and we passed by,he tried to pay us again- and he wants to be baptized. He is the cutest man in the world, Tawnee you would love him. I think that was also the night I met the greek theology professor who spoke no english and when I gave him a Book of Mormon in Greek he literally couldn't only express himself by grabbing my hands and singing. It was cute/hilarious. This past week we also ran into a fellow named gerardo in the store. He came up to us and asked how long the lights were on until. We did our usual GQ tried to get a return appt with him and he reluctantly looked down and said, "I am a member" - it was evident that he was inactive. He said he got baptized three years ago and has not been to church in 2. He was verry vacilante to accept an appointment from us, but we set it and stopped by. Turns out he really wants to change his life right now. He came to church even though it is super early and has been coming out with us to appointments. And he will keep coming. He was such a miracle! Juan  is getting baptized Sunday!!!! He is SO GOOD! We have been working with him for so long and he s just SO SOLID in his decision. His family doesn't support him, but he just is so amazing. He has been studying baptism in his scriptures and studying the interview questions cause he wants to ensure he will "pass" it haha. He is so great. Also I just heard Iranian man from last week I told you about, accepted Baptism! ! !!!! (feliz emoticon)  

Anyway I love you all and hope you are BIEN! Always in my thoughts and prayers.. maybe too much. MWUAH <3 <3 <3 <3

ps happy new year? I forgot. Oh and to answer your question mom I loved the package everything in it! Espcially the cute white shirt and the cookies and the rammeenn and the blankettt and the stocking and za muneys. You are da best