“The Standard of Truth has been erected. No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing. Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame. But the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and dependent till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, until the purposes of God shall be accomplished and the Great Jehovah will say, THE WORK IS DONE

Thursday, September 15, 2011


FAMILIA!!!! Can I just sin and say I get homesick sometimes and miss you? Okay... glad I got that off my chest. I love you all and hope life is just oh so wonderful. I am emailing early cause we had fall sports day today. The whole mission gets together and we play Hero ball (it's like squittatch (NO CLUE HOW TO SPELL)- famous to the mission. We had tons of teams in their own colors and we dominated the whole thing! It was pretty sweet. Oh and I saw my cousin. Like Lori's nephew? We're franz. Anyway so this week was good! We found a myriad of new people to teach! ALonzo's family have always been like ANTI listen to us, but miraculously came in on our lesson with us this last time? And their hearts are opening a little bit at a time. She says "Soy catolico y no voy a cambiar!", pero cada vez, poco a poco, her heart opens a little more. Eliana is to be baptized this Sunday. We are going to see her tonight because she is stil kind of switching back in forth between this week and next week. I just want you guys to meet her so bad!! She is just this funny funny old lady who is so dramatic and sweet and hilarious. She reminds me of mom! Which is why I love her so much! Not the old part, just funny and sweet:) But she was one of those "Soy catolico y no voy a cambiar!", and welp, now she is getting baptized! So remember that woman I met outside of the temple the first day of my mission who was like "I need to get inside this building, I felt God tell me I need to come here and get a gift from God"- so we got her info and gave it to the missionaries? well she came to the VC and has been baptized! I have been praying to see the fruits of my labor a little more cause sometimes it's hard in the VC, but recently the fruits have been a little more prominent and evident! A couple days ago, another GOLDEN man came into the VC. I was already off shift and I tried to hand him off, but no one would take him so I made my comp impatiently wait as I gave this Pakistan (OF COURSE!) man a temple tour. And he said "How do I get in the temple?" and usually people say "Oh sorry it's just for members" - but really... that's only slightly the case. I always say, "OH yeah all are welcome! Just need to get baptized and prepare for a year and live worthily and then you can enter"- To this he said, "Okay... where do I start?" - he accepted a bdate for 2 weeks and it's sooo frustrating cause I have been working with him on the phone since, but the missionaries haven't visited him yet!! Sometimes it's hard putting your trust into a simple text message or email you send a referral to the missionaries. BUT he is SO golden! He said he just felt something pulling him to the VC that day! And he walked up to me like he was expecting a tour or like we knew each other already. That's why i couldn't give him up! There are some people that you just feel you knew them before this life. He was one of them. Another man who I am working with on the phone I feel that with. He just got out of jail and I read D&C 39:5-10 with him and it was written for him, now he wants to be baptized! ALSO I have been working with church headquarters to get the man in Pakistan (Naveed) baptized! I HAVE to send you his email you would cry at how beautiful his conversion process has been! And this past week he told me he was going to go to INDIA to meet with a man from the church, but is on bed rest cause he has Leukemia :( sad huh. But we still talk on the phone and he's great. And I am working on getting copies of the Book of Mormon to an ENTIRE ministry of this PRIEST in Pakistan who is interested! We met on chat and he doesn't know I am female so he calls me "Brother Kelly"- it's super cute. That's one AMAZING thing about this mission is we get to be part of fulfilling prophecy in that the work of God will go forth boldly nobly and independent until it has visited every country, swept every clime, and sounded in every ear. SO Pakistan is one of those countries being prepared to be opened right now. IT'S GREAT! This week was also on the rough side. Don't put this in the mass email, but I'm struggling with my comp alot. And the spirit can't be there when there is tension so we lost multiple of our bdates and I feel we are at fault. Even though they used thier agency. They are still getting baptized, but just not this week (Beny and Shirley) as planned. She says she needs to study it more. But Shirley was SO excited!!! :( It's just hard... I didn't realize how important comp unity is. So it's something that no matter if she changes or not, I just have to grow and learn patience. It's a process but it's coming! And I do love her she is great. OKay done let me know how everything is going!!! !Tell bear I have dream about her baby!!! AHHH!!!! And I want to know what's going on with all yall I have no idea!!! LUVVZZZ

 ps I need amber creson's address!!! and figure out deferra;l thing!! LOVE YOU!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Familia!!!! Sooo remember how much I miss you? Cause I do. Alot. I got that sweetest package ever from Brittany and annoying facebook statuses from Bear (THE BEST!) and I just love tawn and my mom soo just know how happy it makes me and how much I love you. So I have 7 min..

This week has been amazing! Alonzo got baptized Sunday! And we messed EVERYTHING up. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I couldn't open the door to the font so I waded through the font that was being filled in my church clothes to trying to unlock it from the inside. But instead I cut myself and was bleeding everywhere and got it on the master program, which the copier was of course out of ink anyway. Then we forgot to set up all the food cause we were so preoccupied in finding transportation for our investagators. Then the joven we assigned to speak told us he doesn't speak Spanish?! So we turned off the water so we could fill more warm water right before it started, buttt forgot. And then we were so preoccupied we couldn't go over the words with Lino (who was baptizing him)- so he had to repeat it like 3 times and then the water was like up to his knees. I was so humiliated when they opened up the font and there was like no water. Then I guess we weren't clear enough on what to wear cause he came out in t shirt and jeans and a big cross, jaja. SO... lesson learned. I was so embarrassed and thinking about how I ruined the baptism that I missed the whole point. The ordinance was actually performed, and Alonzo made a sacred covenant with the Lord and will be eligible to enter His presence. I just get caught up in the little things I forget to look at the big picture. But that's really what it comes down to and I am SOO happy for him. He is so adorable I can't wait for you all to meet him! We thought Beni and SHirley (who were supposed to be baptized Sunday) dropped us cause they would NOT answer our calls for a week and a half. But Shirley shows up to church and says, "I know we were supposed to be baptized today, but my mom can't make it so can we do it next week?" WHAT! I was just so confused. We took her to fhe that night and she just lit up every time we talked about her baptism. She is so excited and SO GOOD! And there were some crazy miracles in the VC this past week. The most golden man I have ever met came in Sunday. I was taking him on a temple tour and before I even get around to asking if he wanted to meet with missionaries he says, "I want to be baptized"- and was crying cause he felt the sirit so strong. So he already met with the missionaries and they just informed me that he is getting bsaptized next Sunday! Then 2 others came in and pretty much begged me to self refer. One lady I was asking her friends if they knew anyone we could call and send a BOM and she said, "Um can I fill one of those out for me?" JA! That happened multiple times this past weekened. And I have been working with this man in Pakistan who sent me the most beautiful email ever! I just had sent him a link to the BOM the day before and he emailed me and said, "I have read the whole first book of Nephi and I believe this is the word of God"- he wants to be baptized, but there are no chapels in Pakistan. So I have been calling people all over the world to work something out for him. I have investigators in Lithuania, Africa, Germany, 2 in Pakistan, Turkey. It's pretty sweet. I like don't have to do anything cause these peopel are just so prepared. So I am out of time, but I love you all and want to hear all yo stories! PS I was bed ridden yesterday with stomach flu and still don't feel very good. So mom I wanted you to know I am going to drink asea.... yeah... thanks for dat! LOVE YOU! 

PS sorry I was going to send pics, but I forgot my camera in the apartment :( I will next week.